Miki Charwin
KOBO: The Art of Making

with in the wild
for Supermama

We obsess over the fertile act of creating with materials from the womb of Earth. Luxuriating in the objects, workspaces, and tools both mechanical and human,the composition of objects marries the muscle of Men and Machine,of Art and Design in a romantic landscape of industry.

A design-art installation and exhibition which presents the works of 20 Japanese making facilities from 17 different prefectures in Japan. From the traditional craft of bamboo weaving to industrial process behind cutlery making, the showcase seeks to give the everyday audience a glimpse to the back room of Made-In-Japan products.

The exhibition also explores the role of contemporary design as a central tool to redefine the existential element of traditional crafts artefacts.

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Presented by Supermama
Curated and Designed by in the wild
Photographs by Jotham Photography
Lighting Design by Petrina Dawn Tan (assisted by Liu Yong Huay)
Movement concept by Goh Shou Yi, Jackie Ong and Lynette Lim
Special thanks to koala manufacturing

With support from Gillman Barracks
As part of Singapore Art Week

Event photography by Christopher Sim
Event videography by Raphael Ong