Miki Charwin
Salvation Made Simple™ 

with Lenne Chai
commissioned for OH! Open House
Featured on – Esquire, Coconuts, Buro24/7

Salvation Made Simple™ is an interactive mixed-media art installation exploring the conflations between religion and commerce via a fictional spiritual organisation called The School. 

They worship The Goddess, a fictional being pieced together from actual rituals and traditions from 13th-century Temasek, inspired by the erasure of native culture that occurs as a result of colonialism. Riffing off the appropriation and instant gratification that is commonplace in pop culture today, Salvation Made Simple™appeals to millennials with #Blessed merchandise dispensed via vending machines.

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Artist: Lenne Chai
Designer: Miki Charwin
Spatial Designer: Clara Yee / inthewild
Sound Designer: FERRY
Illustration of The Goddess: whitehorsegrey / May Chua
Embroidery Artist: Karen Leong
T-shirt & Badge Artwork: Deon (@deonasaurus)
Social Media Executive: Christian Maranion
Behind-The-Scenes Photographer: Christopher Sim
Behind-The-Scenes Videographer: Daniel Chan Xian Wen
Assisted by Ernest Zacharevic, Henzy David, Joel Chua, Sheena Liam, Stephanie Moh