Miki Charwin
Various branding, art direction and design work for global fashion distribution label, Selfhood 

I joined Selfhood as a freelance art director and designer in 2018, since then I’ve been managing their branding and communication namely in the form of their creative strategy and direction – which includes social media, mailers, campaigns and event collateral, to spatial design of their showrooms running in Seoul and Paris. 


Keeping Selfhood’s visual language and voice coherent across the various outlets – social media, mailers, invites, posters, and so on.

I found that consumers and even brands had a hard time understanding the distribution process and in turn, what Selfhood does and how they operated.
I helped identified the flaws and pitfalls of the previous branding and set out a new creative and brand direction. 

Self-Initated Special Projects
1. Selfhood Magazine
2. Selfhood Radio – INPUT
3. Digital showroom

Selfhood: Issue 00

In 2020, I launched a preview issue of Selfhood’s inaugural B2B magazine.
Selfhood – presented as a timely collection of features, interviews with friends an collaborators in various creative scene, an insider look at Selfhood’s brands behind the designs and culture.

Launched with limited physical runs at
Selfhood’s Paris Fashion Week showroom,
the cover also doubled as a fold-out poster
and invite to the showroom.

Listen on Mixcloud

Selfhood’s digital showroom for buyers to view upcoming SS21 collection.
The showroom will also automate the linesheet by “checking out” items they wish to order
into a linesheet format – a tedious process previous manually handled by sales agents.

Work-in-progress footage. Web design by Miki Charwin, development by Raphael Ong. 

Miscellaneous Posters
& Graphics


All work by Miki Charwin
unless stated othewise.