Miki Charwin
Tour Posters 

for Symmetry Entertainment, Other Sounds Asia, & Middle Clas Cigars


the fin. for Symmetry Entertainment

A Japanese indie band from Kobe performing in Singapore early 2017.

Illustrations take reference from elements featured in MVs and tracklists of their latest album 'Through The Deep' – effortless and calming, reflective of their music. (Think lo-fi indie, atmospheric and UK navel- gazing.)

02 
Splashh for Other Sounds

Anglo-Australian indie rock band performing in Singapore mid 2017.

Taking inspiration from the band’s name, the poster uses the effect of refractions in water and together with a dusty imagery to reflect the lo-fi and surfrock sound.

METZ for Other Sounds

Canadian punk rock band from Ontario performing in Singapore mid 2018.

Inspired by the collage visual style of their latest album.

04 
Urban Ventures for Middle Class Cigars

A curated stage by MCC for Urban Ventures Street Party - Vol. 7. (by Lopelab). Co.

Art direction by Raphael Ong.